Zero Gravity position

Sleep Positions

I just read an interesting article on the most healthy positions for sleeping written by Helen Sanders at Health Ambition. You can find it hereShe went into back, side, stomach and fetal positions. I am going to add one more for you.  The Zero Gravity position.

Have you ever seen a picture of the astronauts taking off in a space shuttle? They are on their back, knees bent, usually raised almost to heart level. Also, their upper body is leaning forward a bit. This is Zero Gravity. This is the position most likely to distribute stress evenly throughout the body thereby reducing pain and pressure points.

So, how do you get in that position without having becoming an astronaut? Check out an adjustable base. After just a few minutes on one I won’t have to tell you about the benefits, you will be able to feel them.

Think about it. No longer having to prop your legs up with pillows. Elevating your legs helps with knees, hips and circulation issues. Consequently, it will take all the pressure off your lower back. By raising your head you will immediately feel an improvement in your breathing. This is great if you suffer from sleep apnia, acid re flux and snoring.

I always think back to sitting in the Doctor’s office with my father as he was being told that he was going to need rotator cuff surgery. While going over the recovery procedures, he told my father to make sure he went out and bought a brand new recliner because that was where he was going to be sleeping for a couple of weeks. Of course, he didn’t believe him until he tried to lie in bed and found out just how much gravity was going to be pulling his shoulder down flat and as a result feeling just how much pain that would create.

That was twenty years ago when the only adjustable beds were those that were in hospitals. Now we can raise your head and feet for less than what a good recliner costs.

So if you have any kind of surgery in your future or just want to sleep healthier, then please come and talk to me about an adjustable base and the zero gravity position.

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