Taking your sleep to a different level

The fastest growing segment in the bedding industry is not memory foam, gels, cooling additives or anything else that has to do with your mattress. It is what goes under the mattress.

Adjustable bases are no longer thought of as just another version of a hospital bed. Of course, there is a large percentage that is sold because of physical issues. By lifting your legs it eases pain associated with bad backs, knees, and hips as well as circulation and restless leg syndrome issues. Raising your head helps with acid reflux, sleep apnea, snoring and neck shoulder issues.

I am finding though that a lot of bases are being sold to those with none of the above issues. They are great for watching TV, reading, and getting a massage after a hard day at work. Next to getting the right pillow, adjustable bases are helping to get everyone into the most optimal sleep position.

Most good mattress stores now have several for you to choose from. The features vary a great deal and some may be more important to you than others. Here are the most common options.

Head/Head and Feet – Don’t even think about getting one that raises just the head. Even if you don’t think you need it now, for usually just $100 more you can raise your feet as well and the benefits are many.

Massage – Not found on the entry-level bases but a very nice feature to add.

Weight limit – Very important spec to ask about. The weight of some of the mattresses out there plus two humans, a couple of kids and a dog would put quite a strain on some of the lesser models.

King size/ Dual King – if you are getting a king size then you have some options. Are you going to be OK if one person wants to go up then you both go up? If so great! If not, then you can get two twin extra logs sets. You can even mix and match the bases and the mattresses if you do this. One side could have all the bells and whistles with the very thickest , softest mattress and the other can be on a firm mattress that just raises the head and feet. If you do this, both bases should have adjustable legs. That way the height can be equal on both sides.

Other Features – Programmable buttons, Platform bed compatibility, USB ports, Night light, Flashlight, Wall hugger type design, down loadable app, head tilt, lumbar adjustment.

As you can see there is a lot more than just raising your head. Before shopping for an adjustable base look at this just as if you were buying a car and trying to decide between a GT , LT or SS. Decide on which feature or features  are important to you and I will help you get just the right model.


By: Cliff Williams

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