Welcome Back St. Louis

Are we having the groceries delivered or picked up? Do we watch one more really bad movie or maybe binge watch one of the older series that we missed the first time around? When will it be safe to see my grand kids? Am I putting this mask on right?

Our routine is gone and for someone like me that is unsettling. I’m staying up later because I can. I’m waking up in the middle of the night because something on the news has me upset and I can’t sleep. Worrying about family and just being anxious because of the uncertainty of it all is what almost everyone is going through right now.

If you are frozen in time because of all this uncertainty you are not alone. I may be able help eliminate bit of that anxiety for you if you are looking to replace your mattress by offering a few recommendations.

First stay with proven brand names that you have been comfortable with for years. Now is not the time to experiment with the unknown. We have Serta, Simmons and Campbell mattress. All of those brands have been around longer than almost everyone reading this.

Second, with closings, furloughs and the hesitation to spend on anything right now we can help with that too. We guarantee the lowest prices on all of our mattresses. We also have financing available. For most we can offer zero down, and zero percent interest. We can make those payments as comfortable as your new mattress.

Finally, do what is most comfortable for you. Shop online, by phone or in person at the Mattress Direct location nearest you.

I will be here waiting for your call as eagerly as I am waiting to hear an umpire yell.. PLAY BALL!