Our new adjustables by Glideaway

The fun thing about this business is that is is going through changes faster than ever.

I am particularly excited about the new technology and features going into the latest adjustable bases from Glideaway that we just got in.

Like all the other bases on our floor it will raise your head and feet but this one can do both at the same time just with the push of one button. And yes, this is different from the zero gravity setting that other bases have. It has that as well.

It has all the usual features you will find in other premium bases such as presets for zero gravity, one touch flat button, anti-snore, under bed LED lighting and a flashlight built into the remote. The massage comes with four wave modes and four intensity levels.

It has a wall hugging design that travels 12 inches (the most of any adjustable base) and there is a head tilt for watching TV or reading in bed.

If that was all it had it would still have more features than most bases on the market today.

What makes this a game changer is their Elevation Kit. If you have checked out adjustable bases before and dismissed the idea because you sleep on your stomach or on your side then you owe it to yourself to come in and try this. It can elevate you without making you feel like you were being folded up backwards.

glideaway odessa

Imagine how much more comfortable you would be if you were a stomach sleeper with acid reflux. No longer will you have to get out of bed in the middle of the night and sleep in your chair.

I know what you are thinking. There is no way in the middle of the night you would be able to find your remote so you would have to get up anyway, right? Glideaway has you covered there as well.

This bed is so high tech it has four USB ports, WIFI, and Bluetooth built in. And it has an option that can voice activate your bed. With this add-on you can just tell Alexa to elevate your bed. With Alexa you can still get the best sleep ever – even if your dog ate your remote.

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