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Cliff Williams of Mattress Pro

Every day here at Mattress Pro I hear someone tell me that shopping for a mattress is the hardest thing they have to do.  There are so many new brands, technologies and styles that they know they need a new mattress but have no idea where to start.


The most important thing to remember is that you are not really shopping for a mattress but shopping for sleep. That is why there are more articles posted here on how to get better sleep than on mattresses. The mattress is just one part.


For those of you that live in St. Louis you can find me at one of the Mattress Direct stores. Please come by and see me even if you are looking for something I don’t have. I try to make the process as simple as I can.  I do that by not trying to sell you the most expensive mattress on my floor but by trying to find out what would make the most improvement in your quality of sleep.   Sometimes that is as simple as a new pillow. Others it would make more sense to add an adjustable base to your purchase.


Whatever problem you are trying to solve together we will find a way to improve your sleep.






Please feel free to email me at Cliff@stlmattresspro.com or contact me here